Discover FootGolf at A La Claudy!

Everyone knows what football and golf are, but have you ever heard about footgolf? Created in Netherlands on 2009, this innovative sport can now be played at A La Claudy!

Footgolf allies the sophistication of golf with the relaxation of football: the perfect combination so that most travelers can enjoy this new sport, by playing football on a golf course, following golf rules.

Footgolf: A unique dress code

Footgolf’s fashion is a key point!
Diamond-shaped over the knee socks, polo shirts, Bermuda shorts, and béret are a must-have if you want to play by the rules. You’ll be the judge!

footgolf alaclaudy

A fun and relaxing moment

Playing footgolf on La Claudy’s green is the occasion to play a unique, friendly and fun activity with your family and friends. Being more open than traditional golf, footgolf can be played by every generation! We’ve already installed two starting points at La Claudy.

How to play Footgolf:

Here are a few basic rules on how to practice footgolf:
No studs! Grab a pair of sneakers or football shoes with non-marking soles, plus the official outfit
Your ball must be easily identifiable
Every player must have played their ball before moving forward on the course
You can discover all the footgolf’s rules on the UK footgolf federation official website.

Share pictures of your footgolf outfits on our Facebook page. We’re excited to let you discover this sport!

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